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Staff Directory

Here is a list of Geiger's 2018-2019 Faculty and Staff.  This page includes links to teacher and staff email addresses.
  FACULTY/ STAFF POSITION GRADE LEVEL Subject (s) Teaching District Email
1 Myra Bramlett Principal K-6 Principal
2 Tasha Pompey Assistant Principal K-6 Elementary, Principal
3 Rochelle Bennett Instructional Facilitator
4 Suzanne Taylor Media Specialist   Elementary
5 Emily Johnson School Counselor   ACES
6 Sharonda Johnson Reading Coach/ Teacher   Elementary/ Early Childhood
7 Kennedy Robertson Physical Education   PACE
8 Allison De Leon Art Teacher   Art
9 Dr. Christin Pirkle Music Teacher   Music Education
10 Clarice Norman Resource Teacher
11 Kenya Green Speech Teacher   Speech
12 Margaret Nelson Speical Services Teacher SC/ DD   Special Education
13 Jalissa Wright Teacher Child Development 3yrs. Early Childhood
14 Lindsey Bost Teacher Child Development 4yrs. Early Childhood
15 Nicole Hunter (Helen) Teacher Child Development 4yrs. Early Childhood
16 Melissa Varn Teacher Kindergarten Early Childhood
17 Susan Drabic Teacher Kindergarten Early Childhood
18 Tierra Perkins Teacher First Grade Early Childhood
19 Kielle Moore Teacher First Grade Early Childhood
20 Lori Yarborough Teacher Second Grade Elementary Education
21 Blair Branham Teacher Second Grade Early Childhood
22 Heather Roy Teacher Third Grade Elementary Education
23 Tiffany Conner Teacher Third Grade Early Childhood and Elementary
24 Sadie Johnson Teacher Fourth Grade Early Childhood
25 Claudia Fletcher-Lambert Teacher Fourth Grade Elementary Education
26 Elvis Goode Teacher Fifth Grade Elementary Education
27 Dwandre York Teacher Fifth Grade Elementary Education
28 Kenneth Lawson Teacher Sixth Grade Elementary Education
28 Haley White Teacher Sixth Grade Elementary Education
29 Marco Robles Spanish Teacher K-6 Spanish Education
30 Willie Mae Hill Teacher Assistant DD/ Special Services
31 Elise Davis Teacher Assistant Kindergarten
32 Doris Pearson Teacher Assistant CD-4
33 Sascha Instone Teacher Assistant CD-4
34 Carolyn Peoples Teacher Assistant Special Services
35 Marsha Sligh Teacher Assistant Kindergarten
36  Ediberto Crisanto ISS Monitor
37 Roslyn Harrison Parent Liasion K-6
38 Sonya Small Teacher Assistant CD-3
39 Mary Brown Cafeteria Manager
40 Kim Jones Cafeteria Staff
41 Teresa Brown Cafeteria Staff
42 Floried Richardson Cafeteria Staff
43 Joseph Adgers Head Custodian
44 Sharon Dorsey Custodian
45 Darrell Russell Custodian
46 Banetta Sweat Secretary/ Bookkeeper
47 Grova Harris Clerical Assistant/ Attendance Clerk
48 Teresa Eifert School Nurse