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School Uniforms

Geiger Elementary will continue wearing school uniforms during the 2018-19 school year!
Students will be expected to wear yellow or hunter green tops with collars and black or khaki bottoms. A brown or black belt should be worn with pants with belt loops. Jeans of any color are not permitted. Girls may also wear dresses, skorts, shorts, capris, skirts and yellow or hunter green polo style dresses. Please note that all skirts, shorts and dresses must follow the finger tip rule. Students will be allowed to wear tennis shoes of their choice. All shoes must cover the student’s entire foot.  School t-shirts can only be worn on approved school spirit days. T-shirts should not be worn in the place of a uniform top.  
  • Khaki or black (bottoms), skirts, dresses, skorts, pants, capris, and shorts
  • Yellow/hunter green polo style or button down shirts (Shirts must have a collar)
  • Black or Brown Belts
  • Neutral color tennis shoes
  • Black, white, green, or yellow sweaters
*Students will have free dress and spirit days throughout the year!!