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Every student needs appropriate personal and social skills to achieve in both their home and school environments.  Counselors are a part of the school team working to create a safe and productive school environment for students. By providing education, prevention, early identification, and intervention– school counselors can also assist teachers and students in the academic process.


The Counseling Program of Geiger Elementary aims to address the social/ emotional, academic, and career needs of students under the South Carolina Comprehensive Developmental Guidance Model and the American School Counselor Association.



Services Offered
Classroom Guidance Lessons
Individual Guidance and Counseling
Small Group Counseling
Academic Services and Student Interventions
Referrals to community agencies and programs
Assistance with registration and permanent records
Provides information related to interim/ report cards and standardized testing


Study Skills/ Test taking skills
Adjusting to a new school
Conflict Resolution
Good Communication Skills
Anger Management



How can students get in touch with

the School Counselor?

Counselor referral
Teacher/ Staff referral
Administrator referral
Parent Referral
Friend/Schoolmate Referral
How and why do parents contact the School Counselor?
Parents can call the school counselor at any time with questions or concerns.  Parents can also schedule a conference to come in a visit with the counselor.  Reasons parents contact the school counselor are concerns with a student’s achievement, test interpretation, early discussion and identification of potential student crisis, family difficulties, and discussing any other special needs that their child may have.  Parents can also complete a school counseling referral form by clicking on the link below.  
Contact information:
          Golden Talps
Email - [email protected]
Phone - (803) 337-8288 ext-50204

 Grades Serviced:
CD - 6th 

 Available Meeting Times:
By appointment. Please feel free to call or email me if you would like to meet.